Multi Camera Array Microscopy(MCAM)
large-area, high-resolution gigapixel video
Redefining Microscopy
Multi-aperture acquisition without mechanical scanning
High Speed Parallelized Data Acquisition
Acquire large FOV videos at μm resolution
Gigapixel 3D imaging and video
Visualize mm-μm sample variations with integrated algorithms



MCAM Acquisition pipeline
This webpage is dedicated to providing details and data surrounding a novel form of computational microscope, termed as Multi-Camera Array Microscope (MCAM). MCAM is an array of miniaturized digital microscopes, whose image and video data is combined together in novel ways to open up new avenues for scientific research. This technology is currently being commercialized by Ramona Optics  and is being applied in a variety of scientific contexts, as described in detail below.


The easiest way to understand the MCAM’s capabilities is to first interact with some example image and video data
More examples of MCAM imagery and video can be found at our Gigaviewer webpage


There are currently three primary MCAM designs, each with different performance  specifications. 
  • Acquisition Rate: 0.96 GP/frame
  • Field of View: 16 x 24 cm
  • Resolution: 18 µm 
  • Acquisition Rate: 0.70 GP/frame
  • Field of View: 8 x 12 cm
  • Resolution: 3-10 µm
  • Acquisition Rate:  GP/frame
  • Field of View: 6 x 8 cm
  • Resolution: <1 µm 

To learn more about the applications, please visit our project page or check out the recent bioarxiv
publication and dataset

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